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Luxury Cars - The Best of Worlds 2010

Seat belts are very often overlooked when it comes to interior car cleaning but when you think about how much they get used and the fact that they come into contact with the same things that the other interior parts do it's worth considering cleaning them. If your car has a light coloured interior then cleaning the seat belts can really help to improve the overall look of it and will prevent it from appearing grubby and aged.

uxury Cars - The Best of Worlds 2010Seat belt cleaning has to be done carefully because obviously you do not want to compromise the structural integrity of them in any way. Harsh chemical cleaners should be avoided as should over wetting them as these could both lead to premature wear and degrading of the material.

uxury Cars - The Best of Worlds 2010If your seat belts aren't too heavily soiled then you should simply spot clean them. Ideally an aerosol based upholstery cleaning product should be used as this will prevent the belt from becoming wet. First extend the seat belt out fully to identify the areas that need cleaning. Working from the top treat the soiled areas and then work in the product with a damp micro fibre towel. Continue working down the length of the belt feeding the freshly cleaned parts back in until the whole length of it has been covered.

uxury Cars - The Best of Worlds 2010
uxury Cars - The Best of Worlds 2010 If your seat belts are heavily soiled you may need to use a water based cleaning product in order to effectively lift all of the dirt out. Spray either a designated upholstery cleaning product, or a diluted all purpose cleaner onto a damp micro fibre towel and begin to work into the seat belt. Try to avoid applying the product directly onto the seat belt as this is when they can become overly wet.

For stubborn areas a stiff bristled detailing or nail brush can be used to work the product in and help lift the dirt out. Use it gently and ensure you don't overwork the area or brush the edges of the belt. Once cleaned, a vacuum cleaner can be used in conjunction with a crevice tool attachment or similar to extract any excess moisture and product residue from out of the seat belt.

To aid the drying of seat belts after cleaning you should pull them out and fix them into their anchor points which exposes them to the air instead of being coiled up in the mechanism whilst still damp.

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