Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Global Auto Shows

For any automobile enthusiast the year cannot possibly come to an end without the highlight of some of the most popular auto shows that put on display with some the latest cars from manufacturers. Each manufacturer aims to outdo the competition by coming up with the most outstanding design forms with mix of comfort and integrated technology, which includes but is not limited to hybrid engines to counter the effects of fuel guzzling machines.

Global Auto ShowsWith the effects on the environment being of great priority to consumers nowadays, buyers are looking to go green. One location that is considered the home of the auto production and assembly in North America is Detroit, USA. The annual North American International Auto Show in Detroit is among the largest international auto shows that is organized globally and has come to gain immense popularity among auto enthusiasts.

Global Auto ShowsIn the past such shows were seen as an exaggerated staging that failed to meet the key goals of the consumer. Most of the stands that were erected by the major manufacturers at Cobo Hall were, over the top budget wise and were also enormous taking them months to complete setting them up. However, now manufacturers such as Kia, Volkswagen, Land Rover and others have included angular graphical lines and architecturally led concepts into their stand construction.

Global Auto Shows
Global Auto ShowsThey are increasingly developing cars that are inline with the consumers needs across a wide spectrum of choices. Manufacturers have also spent huge sums of money on researching technology to be utilized in reducing the fuel consumption rate of their designs. For instance, Toyota currently reigns with the Prius model while Honda has unleashed the Honda Insight.

Another popular auto show is the Mondial de l'Automobile also known as the Paris Auto Show. It is important to note that this cars show is the oldest motor show that exists in the world, with it roots dating to back to the nineteenth century, in eighteen ninety eight. This is a luxury affair as the city of Paris always is when it comes to design and fashion. The automobiles that were on show during latest Mondial de l'Automobile in the French Capital included such models as the 2008 Citroen GT Concept, the 2008 Peugeot RC Concept, the 2009 Aston Martin One - 77, 2009 Ferrari California, the 2008 Lamborghini Estoque Concept, the 2009 Renault Megane Trophy, 2009 BMW 7 - Series, among a myriad of other luxury models all competing for the top spot.

It is also of importance to note another notable auto show, the Frankfurt Auto Show, which is the single largest auto show occasion in the world. It is known also as the Frankfurt Motor Show or simply as the International Motor Show. It is an annual affair in German city of Frankfurt. Additionally, there is also the International Geneva Motor Show, which is held in Switzerland a country widely known for its exclusively wealthy especially in the banking sector. In the Geneva Motor Show held in Geneva there were new models on display like the Bentley Brooklands Coupe.

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