Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Acura Advanced Sedan

The Advanced Acura Sedan is a sports model produced by the automobile giant Acura, a company which is well known for the production of sports and luxury cars. The latest generation sedan model is one of the top selling sports car in world. The new model is featured with all the amenities that meet the next generation standards. The recent technologies used in the model clearly demonstrate Acura's commitment to innovative design and cutting edge style.

2010 Acura Advanced SedanThe Acura sedan model runs on 22 inches polished aluminum wheels at the front side and 23 inch wheels at the back. The wider wheels specially designed for Acura Advanced Sedan car suit all kinds of road conditions, ranging from most slippery road to muddy roads. To satisfy various customer requirements, the model is available in various wheel design styles and exteriors.

2010 Acura Advanced Sedan
2010 Acura Advanced Sedan
2010 Acura Advanced SedanTo complement the exterior styling, the Acura Advanced Sedan model is also marketed in various interior styles, equipped with most innovative gadgets. The sports luxury car is offered in various colors and exterior designs.

Apart from the luxury interiors and wider exteriors, the sports car is featured with all the essential safety features needed for next generation car. Some of the safety features included in the sports luxury car include four wheel disc brakes, rear view mirror, anti lock brake system, anti skid system, traction control, electronic stability control, curtain side air bags, front side air bags, and driver knee air bags.

The 2010 Acura Advanced Sedan comes with adequate interior leg room and head room to ensure a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

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