Friday, April 30, 2010

The 2010 Luxurious Lincoln Town Car

The feature that makes the V8 engine Lincoln Town Car historical is that it is the only car ever to receive five star ratings in all safety categories from the US Department of Transportation. This unique vehicle has all the comfort of any luxury car with the added luxury of knowing that its 4.6 liter V8 engine with 239 horsepower is also the safest vehicle on the road.

The 2010 Luxurious Lincoln Town CarDespite its horsepower and size, the 2010 Lincoln Town car is as economical as any large vehicle can be, yielding 16 mpg in city driving and 24 mpg in highway travel. It is the most popular choice of limo companies who want to offer the most comfort and elegance to their clientele while providing power and maneuverability to its drivers.

The 2010 Luxurious Lincoln Town CarWith the added acclamation of safety by the Department of Transportation, insurance costs will also see a reduction for the company's bottom line profits.

The 2010 Luxurious Lincoln Town Car
The 2010 Luxurious Lincoln Town Car Whether in the market for a personal vehicle or for commercial purposes, the Lincoln Town Car is an option to be seriously considered for several reasons. It has the appearance that competes with cars in its category, the comfort you would expect from a luxury vehicle, and the performance that will compete with others of its size, all factors that compute to value.

Besides increasing fuel efficiency as well as sufficiency, its multi-point fuel injection system delivers a more equalized fuel mass to each cylinder while contributing to cleaner emissions that are so important in today's ecologically conscious world.

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