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2009 Hyundai Genesis - Hyundai's First Luxury Car

Introduction:Every year car enthusiasts and automotive journalists head over to local car premiers and conventions where all the renown automakers release their precious babies for the masses to gawk at and do the "ooh-ah" over and over, it's like taking a kid to the candy store, but this 2009 is unlike any other.

2009 Hyundai Genesis - Hyundai's First Luxury CarOur favorite lineup of first-class luxury sedans for 2009, of course, features all-time favorites like the Lexus GS, the Infiniti M, and the Chrysler 300, but right beside these there's a unique, unidentified luxury Sedan that has been grabbing everyone's attention.

2009 Hyundai Genesis - Hyundai's First Luxury CarAnd Pontiac, BMW, or Mercedes are not responsible for this one; it comes from an unexpected source. But you'll probably never guess who that unexpected source is, after all you know your luxury Sedans and you know who makes them. I won't leave you in suspense any longer but surely in utter shock, the mystery automaker is none other than the Korean automaker itself, Hyundai.

2009 Hyundai Genesis - Hyundai's First Luxury Car
2009 Hyundai Genesis - Hyundai's First Luxury Car

That's right, Hyundai fiercely joins the Luxury Sedan business this 2009 via the release of the Genesis; its first 8-cylinder rear-drive luxury sedan. So for 2009 proud Hyundai dealerships eagerly await to represent the Genesis this upcoming summer.

Interestingly enough Genesis is a synonym for "beginning" which in this case is totally appropriate and entirely suggestive that this is merely the beginning for luxury sedans from Hyundai, the world is eager to find out what Korean engineers can offer so let's take a look at what the Genesis promises.

Performance Specs:Engines and transmissions:Unquestionably a lot of luxury-vehicle enthusiasts are unconvinced that Hyundai is actually up for the challenge. But if Japanese automakers like Lexus and Infiniti have gained an incredible reputation, likewise Korean company, Hyundai endeavors a similar path.

And certainly Hyundai is off with a good start; after all it immediately broke barriers as soon as it made the decision to release the Genesis with the choice of an 8-cylinder engine.

Of course the base powertrain on the Genesis is constituted by a 6-cylinder, 3.8 liter DOHC engine that utilizes Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) in order to increase the power spread. But even with the most basic powertrain, the Genesis will achieve up to 290 horsepower and 264 pounds per foot of torque.

Expectedly, the Genesis with 6-cylinder engine features an Aisin 6-speed SHIFTRONIC automatic transmission complete with overdrive and a lock-up torque converter that works hard in order to enhance its fuel economy on the highway.

As for the upgraded powertrain features, well it's more than you'd expect from a newly released luxury sedan from Hyundai. In fact it has outdone the Acura which comes with a 6-cylinder, 3.7-liter SOHC VTEC engine.

Thanks to that 8-cylinder, 4.6 liters DOHC engine you can achieve anywhere between 368 to 375 horsepower, depending on whether you fill up your baby with premium or regular fuel. Clearly it has simply defeated the Lexus GS V8 Sedan as well as the other competing V8 Sedans such as the 300 from Chrysler, the G8 from Pontiac and the Infiniti M when it comes to horsepower.

And in order to take on the whopping horsepower that the V8 trim produces, the Genesis features an improved ZF 6-speed transmission.


The ASD suspension that the Genesis supports is what the leading luxury vehicles in the market from Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes support as well.

The Genesis' front suspension is composed of an independent 5-link design with SACHS ASD; gas shock absorbers; coil springs; and 25mm anti-roll bar. Meanwhile the rear suspension is an independent 5-link design as well with SACHS ASD; gas shock absorbers; coil springs; and an 18 mm anti roll bar for the V8 trim and a 17 mm anti-roll bar.

Steering:Lexus and Infiniti owners will find the Genesis to be quite familiar when it comes to steering. It's remarkably compliant thanks to electro-hydraulic assist and a rack-and-pinion steering power with engine-RPM-sensing.

Fuel Economy:

Perhaps the soaring gas prices might discourage you from an 8-cylinder vehicle but the Genesis delivers a comparable fuel economy to that of sporty Coupes like the Nissan Altima. The Genesis' EPA fuel economy estimates for the V6 are 18 mpg city/27 mpg highway and 21 mpg combined and as for the V8 you can expect 17mpg city/25 mpg highway.

Interior Design:Without nameplates, and badges the Hyundai Genesis may as well be sold at the price that top-line luxury vehicles like Lexus and Infiniti go for, but Hyundai is unique in the sense that it offers comparable luxury for a lower rate. There is simply no doubt that the Genesis is prepared and equipped with top-notch accents.

The dashboard is harmonized by Woodgrain and leather interior accents complete with a center console that includes copious climate controls such as heater and air filters. In addition to climate controls, the audio controls are what top it off on account of corresponding driver-friendly attributes that it features. Convenience features like cruise control and cupholders are a given and you can surely expect an entire selection of driver-friendly attributes that you may as well find in a Lexus.

For instance, the instrument panel's white-on-black electroluminescent gauges that share an immense resemblance to the top-quality look that you may find in a Lexus.

The Genesis is just like any other luxury sedan complete with a delicate leathered interior and of course the best technology. Listening to all of your favorite music won't be a hassle; after all you can simply connect your iPod and blast your favorite music thanks to that Logic7 Lexicon discrete sound system.

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