Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 BMW 530i Review

The c model is expected to hit the car market by the end of model year 2010. The next generation BMW 5-series models will be luxury sport sedans featuring a complete redesign; the changes to the luxury sedan model seem more like restrained refinement. The present model is already a highly dynamic, capable and comfortable machine.

2010 BMW 530i ReviewAccording to the sources of BMW, it is expected that the next generation 530i model will be included with steer by wire system that is used in the aircraft. The BMW model will use a mechanical link between the front wheels and steering wheel. If any problem occurs to the system, the vehicle will default to a 15:1 ratio and hence the working of the vehicle does not stop at any point of time.

2010 BMW 530i ReviewThe ultimate effect after using this system is that, apart from speed, the driver can use the same small level of steering wheel input to handle vehicle even in turns. The additional features that are expected to be included in the 2010 530i model will be adaptive head lights, brake lights, flat run tires, climate control, dynamic drive control, active steering and cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system, as well as the sophisticated iDrive system.

2010 BMW 530i Review
2010 BMW 530i Review

The adaptive head lights in the vehicle will be made up of bi-xenon units that will rotate to illuminate the road in a turn. The brake lights will illuminate whenever more pressure is applied on the brakes.

The vehicle will be offered in different body styles and colors. Complimenting the exterior of the vehicle, the interior region attracts the customers as they are designed using innovative technologies. The sports luxury car will include all the amenities needed for the next generation sports sedan.

The next generation model will use most of the styling cues from the BMW 7-Series lineup, with iDrive being the most noticeable one.

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